PAD diagnostic device wins NHS award

An innovative device for diagnosing peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is among the winners of the NHS Smart Solutions for Healthcare competition, aimed at finding new ways to combat long-term conditions.

The Padd device from Dialog Devices will undergo evaluations at hospitals and GP surgeries in the North-West of England to establish its suitability for NHS adoption.

Dialog Devices, a spin-out company from Loughborough University, applies its optoelectronic technology to the development of non-invasive devices for blood perfusion assessment.

The company was one of four winners chosen from 50 entrants in the Smart Solutions for Healthcare competition, which aims to find better and more cost-effective approaches to diagnosis and treatment of long-term conditions.

The Padd device detects blocked arteries in the leg by using infra-red light to assess blood volume changes in the foot when the leg is raised. This makes diagnosis of PAD possible in a GP surgery or clinic.

Dialog Devices CEO Jody Brown said: “We are delighted with this award and hope that evaluation of the Padd device in hospitals and GPs surgeries will lead to the first large-scale orders for the device.

“Padd has been hailed as a breakthrough with the potential to save lives, as it offers early detection of Peripheral Arterial Disease quickly and easily in a primary care setting.”

Smart Solutions for Healthcare is run by TrusTECH, the North West NHS Innovation Hub. Dr Bryan Griffiths of TrusTECH commented: “The NHS faces a monumental challenge in the years ahead and new technologies and services will be required to help change the way care is delivered.”