DePuy Synthes releases Continuous Compression Implants to EMEA

DePuy Synthes has announced the availability of Continuous Compression Implants to health care providers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The implants are designed to provide continuous, active compression throughout the healing process to treat a variety of reconstructive foot and ankle procedures, providing more solutions for our patients and customers.

Foot and ankle surgeries that aim to correct painful deformities, such as bunions and hammertoes, are associated with a range of potential complications due to poor stabilisation of fracture and joints.

Complications may result in implant failure, non-union of bones, infection, pain and the development of arthritis, leading to increased hospitalisation time, re-admissions or physical therapy.

DePuy Synthes Continuous Compression Implants are manufactured with a specific formulation of Nitinol, a ‘shape memory’ metal, to continuously and dynamically keep bones compressed together throughout the healing process. 

This compression helps address challenges of foot and ankle procedures by reducing the risk of complications, and may allow patients to more quickly resume normal activity.

To save time in the operating room, the implants come ready to use, sterile and pre-loaded onto an insertion tool, removing the need to heat or freeze the implants prior to use.