Cancer Research UK appoints new Senior Clinical Advisor

Rachel Cresswell 20 February 2018

Cancer Research UK has announced the appointment of Dr James Larkin as a new Senior Clinical Advisor in clinical research.

Dr Larkin’s new role aims to accelerate the progress of the charity’s clinical research portfolio. He will also support the charity in helping ensure the UK can continue to participate in clinical trials across Europe after Brexit.  The role will work alongside Cancer Research UK’s three other Clinical Advisors who specialise in surgery, primary care and children’s cancer.

Dr James Larkin is a consultant medical oncologist and clinical researcher at The Royal Marsden, specialising in the treatment of melanoma and kidney cancer. His research focuses on immunotherapy - using targeted treatments that boost the immune system’s ability to fight cancer.

Dr James Larkin, said: “My focus in this new role will be to ensure the best clinical trials are being run to speed up progress in research and improve treatments for patients. This will include making sure the right infrastructure and training is in place for researchers.”


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