The change maker: Philipp Maerz, COO at Allergopharma

John Pinching 01 December 2017



Philipp Maerz, Chief Operating Officer at Allergopharma, talks to Pharmafield about cultural transformation and understanding what the customer wants. 



Allergopharma’s core business is immunotherapy for allergies. It is a daughter company of the German Merck group, which is headquartered in Darmstadt.



I started in my current role a year ago, heading global commercial operations. Historically, we have come from a very customer-generic approach, where we used the same material for all customers. Now, using market research, we are focussing on the individual needs of our different prescriber groups, such as ear, nose and throat specialists and dermatologists.



Our treatments are prescription drugs and this requires both the patient and the prescribing doctor to come into sharp focus. We have extended this, not just to sales, but throughout manufacturing, finance and the back office. It takes time to change the culture, but it does start to get into people’s minds.



It used to be the pharma industry way to really push through the doors of the doctor’s office, but now it’s a multi-channel mix, with sales, medical liaison and remote detailing. Ultimately, we must appreciate what the
customer wants and that shift is happening.



We have been working to change mid-size structures and there are many other companies out there who are stuck in a situation where not much has changed for years. Digitalisation and the change in healthcare professional outlook means they have to. I want to give people a unique insight into what we have managed to achieve.


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