Zenopa's Mark Denton on how to move up in pharma

J Pinching 02 November 2017


Mark Denton, Managing Director at Zenopa, on how to get on, move up and take off in the ever-changing pharma landscape.


Pharma – it’s about the product

Research-based pharma companies thrive or perish on their product. The product potential and end-of-life cycle is clear, but the company has to be effective in realising those sales. Your career rides on the success of a product, so it will always help you to research, select and know it.


The NHS is changing, change with it

Simply doing what you’ve always been good at is a good way to end your career early! Not so long ago, there were no MSLs or KAMs, while the GP representative is now scarce. Sales is influencing the decision makers but who will they be in the future?


Self-development rules

Take ownership of your self-development, consider where you need to take your career and where you want it to go in order to be desirable in the job market. If you’re capable in your current role and you push your employer, you’ll find good employers will always support you. 


Heading for head office

Out of sight is out of mind. This maxim applies to field people as well. You have to work at getting a head office role; you have to volunteer to do additional tasks; you have to network and build good relationships with the appropriate people – they need to want you in ‘their’ office. 


Moving story

I’ve reviewed highly-progressive careers and frequently these people change employer at five to seven years, having generated a great internal reputation and breadth of learning. Highly valued by the next employer they are duly recruited and already have further progression planned.     





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  • Shehleeza Imdad

    Thanks for this informative article, I am also in confusing situation of job searching. for this really need guidance. Because I came to Europe from Pakistan for learning new skills of Regulatory Affairs and for this I got admission in MSc EU Regulatory Affairs and thought that European companies would help me in establishing my careers but I got negative response from everywhere. This is really a problematic situation that what should I do? Which is an appropriate path?

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