Evolve Selection celebrates its 10-year anniversary

Amy Schofield 30 November 2017


As Evolve Selection celebrates its 10-year anniversary, Chris & Andy Anderson share the secrets to their success.


What inspired you both to start Evolve Selection?

We had backgrounds working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, in both sales and recruitment. We really felt we could start a business which would add significant value to clients recruiting within these sectors, based on our own expertise and market knowledge. Having grown up in a family-business environment, there was always a personal desire to work for ourselves, so we took the leap!


What are your key milestones?

Our continual growth and development, and desire to deliver exceptional customer service is our key driver. We believe that creating professional and long-standing business relationships and providing an enjoyable working environment will further allow our business to thrive. We’ve always met the objectives we’ve set for the business since we started in 2007 and have further plans to expand our horizons into other sectors of the market throughout 2018/19.


How do you attract the best people for your clients?

 Firstly, by having in place a thorough internal training programme for our team. This ensures that they have optimal market knowledge to identify and attract the best people to suit a particular role and client. Secondly, we pride ourselves on our proactivity and networking skills, enabling us to go above and beyond the standard methods of candidate sourcing. Providing exceptional service to people means they will always recommend your services to others.


How do you work with your clients to tailor recruitment solutions to their needs?

We always appoint a dedicated Account Manager to each of our clients. Having an open, transparent and up-front approach has always helped us to develop a strong working relationship with them. This allows us to find the exact requirements of their business, while also being able to provide honest feedback, adding value to their objectives. By doing this, we can truly identify their needs and then offer a completely tailored approach to the solution they require.


What makes a candidate truly stand out?

There is no one individual factor as it depends on the need of the client. It’s usually a combination of proven results, personality and how well prepared they are for an interview process.


Tell us more about Evolve Virtual Solutions.

Evolve Virtual Solutions specialises in the development of a range of inventive virtual software solutions, focused around enhancing and streamlining business processes. We identified a potential gap in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market for a digital interviewing solution which could add significant value to our clients’ recruitment processes, from a time and cost perspective. Evolve Virtual Interviewing System (EVIS) has been very well received by the market and our clients can really see the benefits of using a video-based interviewing platform. EVIS has been implemented for several team build projects, as well as ad hoc recruitment.


What’s the best piece of careers advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t run before you can walk.


What advice would you give to someone keen to enter a career in pharma?

Having worked with entry level candidates over a number of years, the people that make the grade are the ones who prepare. Do your research of the market and the role you are looking to carry out, decide that it’s definitely what you want to do and then seek the assistance of a professional agency like Evolve to help you through the process!


What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Andy – I have no choice, I have two young kids! Joking apart, it’s knowing that I’m doing a great job to help people.

Chris – Aside from my morning coffee, I love working with our team and developing them to ensure they’re the best at what they do.


What does the future of Evolve look like?

It’s exciting! We have plans to develop the company further into other niche sectors of the healthcare and pharma markets. We want to further develop our internal team and a key area of priority is EVIS, which has already proven to be a huge benefit to our client organisations. We’re really looking forward to what the future holds.    


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