Louise Finke on a life-changing Pf Awards ceremony

John Pinching 13 February 2017


Pf Award Winners: Where are they now?

Louise Finke remembers little about the ceremony, because she wasn’t there, but it was still a life-changing evening


Who were you working for at the time?

I had recently joined Shire and was looking for a challenge that would benchmark me against my peers.


What award did you win?

I won Experienced Hospital Sales rep of the year in 2010.


What are your recollections of that evening?

I was lucky enough to have also won an internal award at Shire – one of their Ambassador awards – and this involved a trip away. The news arrived while I was on the trip. A colleague sent me a text to say I had won in my category – I was absolutely thrilled.


How did you celebrate?

We were all enjoying the last night of our magical trip when I received the news, so I celebrated with my colleagues. It was brilliant to be recognised and completed a great year for me!


Were you more ambitious?

Yes, it did motivate me to put myself forward for more challenges. I sought out new roles and opportunities, developed myself and entered more awards for different programmes I have worked on over the years.


How did it impact on your career?

I moved into an International Training Role within Shire and then progressed into Marketing, which is where I am currently employed at Shire.


Where are you now and what are you doing?

I’m currently working as a Brand Manager for Shire, responsible for four products within the Internal Medicine Portfolio. It’s a great place to be as I manage mature brands, orphan drugs and am also working on a new launch. It’s a busy and varied role, which I like, and it feels as though we are paving a new course. I can genuinely say no two days are ever the same!


Do you think winning an award was a trigger for further success?

I believe you drive your own destiny and you drive your own successes. Success isn’t something that just happens to you, you move towards it – but success can be contagious; it’s the sum collection of all your efforts that makes you successful. The award has certainly helped to highlight my success-driven approach.


Would you recommend entering the Pf Awards?

I really recognise the importance and significance of these awards and, to be honest, I strongly feel that more people should put themselves forward for them.


Do you still look back fondly on your win?

I remember the night before the assessment centre feeling rather nervous. I had a lot on at the time, and I remember thinking “why did I think this was a good idea?” But that morning I woke up feeling fresh and thought, “I’m here now, so I might as well just go for it.” I’m glad I stayed and didn’t get back in the car to drive home, and I’m glad the story played out for me the way it did.

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