New research head joins Sanofi

Amy Schofield 29 March 2016

Sanofi has appointed Dr Yong-Jun Liu as Head of Research, Global R&D.

Dr Liu has 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and at leading medical research centres. As one of the world's most prolific researchers in immunology, he has more than 94,000 citations and has had over 250 articles in respected journals including Nature and Science.

Dr Liu's research has led to the development of several key drug targets in the areas of allergy, immunology and oncology. He will be responsible for leading all of Sanofi's research and will work in collaboration with Sanofi's Senior Leadership Team.

Dr Olivier Brandicourt, Chief Executive Officer, Sanofi, said: "I have great confidence that Yong-Jun will position Sanofi on the leading edge of scientific breakthroughs and drug discovery in the years ahead."

Dr Elias Zerhouni, President, Global R&D, Sanofi, added: "His world-class experience in immunology, oncology and translational medicine will be vital assets."

Dr Liu will take up his post on April 1 2016. 

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