Changes to Roche top tier

Amy Schofield 03 March 2016

Roche has announced changes to its board of directors.

At its annual general meeting, Roche confirmed a number of changes.

Christoph Franz (pictured) was named as chairman of the board, while encumbent board members Dame DeAnne Julius and Beatrice Weder di Mauro have both stepped down from after choosing to withdraw from standing for re-election.

Andre Hoffmann, Professor Richard Lifton, Professor Pius Baschera, Paul Bulcke, Professor Sir John Bell, Dr Severin Schwan, Dr Andreas Oeri, Bernard Poussot, and Peter Voser all stood for re-election and were confirmed for one-year terms.

Julie Brown and Claudia Sussmuth Dyckerhoff were elected as new members to the board.

Christoph Franz said: "The board of directors has gained two leaders whose extensive experience will contribute to Roche's continued success."



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