UK life science specialists offer support to overseas businesses

Amy Schofield 06 September 2017

A group of specialist providers of life sciences services have announced an alliance, The Health Science Business Gateway (HSBG), which will provide comprehensive support for overseas companies which are looking to establish business operations in the UK.

The members of the HSBG include BG Healthcare, Clinical Professionals, Illingworth Research Group, Roboleo & Co. and TRAC Services. All of the partners work with several shared clients and the new venture will see them working more closely together and with affiliated organisations to 'unlock access' to the UK life science environment, and help promote inward investment to the UK.  

The HSBG will provide an initial single point of contact to access a comprehensive network of businesses for specialist advice and support in key areas such as:

  • Regulation
  • R&D
  • Market development
  • Technology assessment
  • NHS access
  • Talent landscape
  • Business law. 

Dr Mark Edwards, Chairman of the HSBG, said: “It can be difficult to find the correct types of 'hands-on' specialist support to establish and grow in a foreign country. HSBG makes that task easier by acting as the first 'National Chaperone' for the UK’s life sciences ecosystem."   

Yvette Cleland, CEO of Clinical Professionals commented, “It is essential that we offer a complementary service that acts as a nationwide gateway for investors wishing to investigate the UK as a destination of choice for their expanding life sciences business. We must remain at the forefront of investor choice so we can continue to compete effectively on the world stage and maintain our place as a top global destination for life sciences."


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