England’s Chief Nursing Office launches action plan to develop general practice nursing workforce fit for the future

Amy Schofield 03 August 2017

England’s Chief Nursing Officer has launched an action plan to recognise and develop the roles that general practice nurses have which transform care and can help deliver the plan to make the NHS fit for the future.

‘Developing confidence, capability and capacity – the ten point action plan for General Practice Nursing’ brings together key actions which aim to meet general practice workforce challenges by attracting new recruits, supporting existing GPNs and encouraging return to practice.

An increasing and ageing population with multiple complex health conditions has led to increased pressure on the general practice workforce.

The plan is backed by £15 million of investment and sets out key milestones which will allow progress to be measured across General Practice Nursing for the first time.

It sets out the work needed to deliver more convenient access to care, more personalised care in the community and a stronger focus on prevention and population health driving better outcomes and experience for patients.

Actions include measures to:

- Increase uptake and promote nursing in general practice

- Support existing GPNs

- Encourage GPNs to return to practice.

Professor Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England, said: “I am determined to ensure that there is a proper career development programme for those who choose this vital path and make it an attractive first choice for newly-qualified nurses as well as helping experienced staff take advantage of the flexibility it offers to re-enter the workforce.”

Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, said: “We now need all aspects of this plan to be implemented in full and as swiftly as possible – and we will play our part in ensuring it is a success.”

Wendy Preston, Royal College of Nursing, Head of Nursing Practice, said: “General practice nurses are well placed and indeed deliver high quality services, meeting the needs of their practice populations every day. We need to prioritise general practice and make it the ‘place to be’.”

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