Shire joins the global bleeding disorders community

Amy Schofield 20 April 2017

Shire Pharmaceuticals Ltd has shared initial findings from its estimate of the Global Annual Bleed Rate (GABR), which shows a bleeding episode occurs every three to fifteen seconds worldwide, more than three times current global estimates.

In highlighting the findings, Shire joins the global bleeding disorders community in honouring the 28th annual World Haemophilia Day.

Existing data from the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) show that only 25% of individuals living with haemophilia worldwide receive proper diagnosis and care. Only 8% of these patients receive prophylaxis or regular treatment to prevent bleeds.

Sebastian Stachowiak, General Manager, Shire UK and Ireland, said: “As the global leader in haematology, we are committed to understanding the global landscape for haemophilia and addressing the needs of those living with this debilitating bleeding disorder.” 

Shire developed the GABR in collaboration with renowned haemophilia institutions, including WFH. Together, they created a literature-based model to estimate the GABR at both country and global levels. A full report of the GABR model is expected to be published later in 2017.

This year, Shire is embracing WFH’s theme for World Haemophilia Day of 'Hear Their Voices' and joining its partners and local advocacy organisations to raise awareness of those living with bleeding disorders.

Throughout the day and across the world, Shire employees are wearing red to show support for the community and holding celebrations to acknowledge the voices and stories of those living with bleeding disorders. 

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