Pfizer and HitGen collaborate to launch drug discovery project

Amy Schofield 18 April 2017

Pfizer and HitGen have partnered up to launch a drug discovery collaboration.

The multi-year research collaboration and licensing agreement will see Pfizer and HitGen pool their expertise to discover unique small-molecule leads by building and screening novel DNA-encoded libraries (DELs).

HitGen will screen its own DELs, consisting of over 20 billion drug-like compounds, against a number of Pfizer’s therapeutic targets. 

Pfizer will fund the research at HitGen and will retain exclusive licenses to novel lead compounds from the HitGen DELs for further research and development.

Dr Tony Wood, Pfizer's SVP and Head of Medicinal Sciences, said: “The generation of proprietary DELs will leverage Pfizer’s parallel medicinal chemistry expertise and potentially accelerate the path of new medicines from idea to the clinic.”

The value of the deal was not disclosed.

HitGen also last month signed a license agreement with Cancer Research UK and its Cancer Research Technology commercial arm. The deal will enable Cancer Research UK's Drug Discovery Unit to develop a novel class of drugs against lung cancer, based on compounds identified using HitGen's technology platform.  


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