Junior doctors escalate strike with A&E action

Amy Schofield 24 March 2016

Junior doctors in England are stepping up strike action next month as they plan to walk out of A&E services.

The three strikes so far have only affected routine care. A&E services have continued to be available throughout previous stoppages. 

The British Medical Association says it has "no choice" but to strike further as the union continues its fight against the government's imposition of a new contract for junior doctors. 

The absence of junior doctors from A&E as well as other services across NHS hospitals will mean that consultants will need to be brought in to cover A&E, emergency surgery and intensive care. This could cause disruption to routine services, which the Department of Health has warned could put patients at risk. 

This wave of strikes will be held from 8am until 5pm on the 26 and 27 April. Another 48 hour walkout with emergency cover is planned for 6 April. 

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