Debiopharm invests in ABAC Therapeutics to tackle AMR

Amy Schofield 15 February 2018

Debiopharm Group™ has announced an investment in antibiotic development with the acquisition of a minority stake in ABAC Therapeutics.

The investment was made through the Debiopharm Innovation Fund, its strategic investment fund, and illustrates the synergy between the group companies in the fight against the growing threat of antibimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Debiopharm International, the drug development company of the Group, is developing targeted antibiotics that represent the future of treating bacterial infections. Its pipeline is based on afabicin (Debio 1450), the first selective antibiotic against Staphylococci, currently in advanced development for skin and bone infections, as well as two earlier stage projects (Debio 1453 and Debio 1454) against multidrug-resistant pathogens among the WHO and CDC priority targets.

ABAC shares this vision of precision medicine in the treatment of infectious diseases. Their PasNas research platform makes it possible to identify new targeted molecules and their most advanced program targets Acinetobacter, whose resistant forms are at the origin of many infections that are very difficult to treat. Their research skills are complementary to Debiopharm's expertise in pharmaceutical development.

Thierry Mauvernay, President of Debiopharm Group, said: "We are delighted with our investment in ABAC. The main focus of Debiopharm Innovation Fund's investments is smart data, but we also invest in pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies that are strategically important to Debiopharm Group. Just like us, ABAC is tackling antibiotic resistance."


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