ViiV Healthcare announce success for long-acting HIV treatment

ViiV Healthcare in collaboration with Janssen has announced positive headline results from its global, phase III ATLAS study of a long-acting, injectable two-drug regimen...

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Blood test could detect kidney cancer 5 years earlier

Scientists have discovered that a marker in the blood could help predict the risk that a person will develop kidney cancer, according to research...

New standards launched to improve public involvement in research

New national standards to improve the quality of public involvement in research.

Is Brexit good news for pharma?

James Burt, Executive Vice President EMENA, Accord Healthcare, asks whether Brexit will in fact present an opportunity for positive change in pharma and healthcare.

What do NHS changes mean for tech innovation?

Could changes at the top mean fresh opportunities for tech innovation? Read this in the August issue of Pf Magazine.  For some time it has been...

At the heart of it: The vital role of pharmacies in community health

Read this in the August issue of Pf Magazine.  Community pharmacy has a clear role in promoting and supporting the public’s health. There’s an accessible...

Medmeme appoints senior strategist Dr Christian Schweiger

Christian Schweiger, MD, PhD, has been appointed Vice President for Medical Affairs Strategy, Europe, at Medmeme, which is home to the world’s most comprehensive,...

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Surgeon takes prostate cancer screening to the community

Surgeon Jyoti Shah won’t let men die of embarrassment. Instead of waiting for patients to come to her, she goes out and gets them.

What’s driving a resurgence in primary care pharma representatives?

After flirting with remote detailing, pharma is returning to feet-on-the-ground sales to meet the complex challenges of transforming markets and changing decision makers. Read this...

Two way street: Industry/patient dialogue and its role in market access

How can we make the pharma world more patient centric?

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