Social networking key to new healthcare models

by Admin 18. May 2012 15:02

 Social Networking is set to play a key role in delivery of new models of healthcare, a new report predicts.

Interactive websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are expected to be utilised by providers of healthcare in Europe to help tackle existing and future challenges.

The report, Cooperation, Communication, Coordination: Three Pillars of Collaborative Teamwork anticipates networking sites to be used to increase awareness in disease management and clinical trial recruitment.

Faced with issues such as cost constraints, ageing populations, a higher incidence of chronic diseases, regulatory pressures and the need for improved quality of care and patient safety, the report says effective teamwork is needed to implement new delivery methods.

Alongside social networking, the report highlights cooperation between different divisions, access to real-time data and mobile technologies as also playing an important part in delivering these new healthcare models.

“Teamwork and collaboration are often used synonymously, but they are not the same,” said Jan Duffy, EMEA Research Director, IDC Health Insights – who conducted the report.

“Effective collaboration may be viewed as either a process which affects the results of teamwork – enhanced patient care and provider satisfaction – or an outcome in and of itself. Whether or not it is an ingredient or a by-product of teamwork, it is certain that the seamless provision of quality patient care today and in the future depends on inter-professional collaboration.”

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